Making a commitment to your health and well-being is no longer a new year trend — it’s a balanced approach to living year round. Still, the new year invites us to set intentions and explore new pursuits. What better way to embrace rest and recreation than in Balboa Park, where you’ll find an unparalleled array of recreational opportunities, running backdrops, and reflective roosts. Here are just a few highlights:

1. 65 Miles and Counting
Balboa Park makes getting your daily steps in easy. You won’t even notice the progress on your step counter as you explore the park’s 65 miles of marked trails that crisscross a rich variety of landscapes. Whether you like to stroll through colorful gardens and contemplate the natural beauty or hike steep canyon terrain, or a little of both, Balboa Park has you covered.

2. Join the Club, or Ditch It
Walking across gorgeous golf greens offers its own restorative rewards. If you prefer not to drag a bag of clubs around, why not throw yourself into disc golf? The Morley Field Disc Golf Course is one of the first of its kind in the world. Pins are moved every Monday presenting new perspectives on your verdant surroundings.

3. Make Perrier Proud
Take your fitness goals to the next level by adding a parcourse to your regimen. The Perrier Parcourse Fitness Circuit loops for 2.5 miles around the Morley Field Sports Complex and includes 18 exercise stations that add variety to your new health habit and a total body experience. Be sure to bring plenty of water, Perrier or otherwise.

4. 40 Love Fitness
We all know 40 is the new 30—that is, if you ace your next serve or hit a cross-court winner. And thanks to 25 well-lit, recently resurfaced tennis courts, you have ample opportunity to defy your age in style and with love at one of San Diego’s most scenic tennis complexes.

5. Staying on Target
Embracing wellness may simply be about discovering a new outdoor activity. And with not just one, but two archery ranges, Balboa Park offers yet another great opportunity to hit your fitness target while immersing yourself in oxygen-producing greenery.

6. Consolidate Your Gains
You deserve a quiet place to consolidate your gains and reorient your mind when pursuing a more balanced approach to life. The fresh scent of blooming flowers, the peaceful sounds of wind-rustled leaves, and a sun-dappled lawn surrounded by trees provide the ideal setting to take some deep breaths, meditate, stretch out and do yoga, read an inspiring book, or catch up on your journaling.