Balboa Park’s Alcazar Garden, formerly Los Jardines De Montezuma, was originally designed and planted in 1915 with an array of yellow and red blooming annuals to recall the colors of Spain. This signature garden has been replanted this month, using the historically accurate formal layout, with colorful annuals and perennials adapted to the ever changing microclimates of this garden with its now mature shady fig tree. The four corner beds have been replanted with a central red and yellow lantana vertical element surrounded by Osteospermum (African daisies) and an outer ring of multi-color impatiens. The four central beds now have a very precise formal layout of Dianthus, Digitalis (foxglove), and Aquilegia (Columbine).

The City of San Diego Park and Recreation horticulture staff planned and installed the garden this February, so that by May the Alcazar garden plants will be in full mature bloom, featuring its colorful glory of the past. The Conservancy helped fund this replanting with a special gift from a private donor.

Plant Examples: