Support The Park You Love

We’re proud to join #GivingTuesday this November 28, a global movement dedicated to giving. The Balboa Park Conservancy partners with the City of San Diego to advocate for the greater good of Balboa Park. Our focus is to sustain the park’s legacy, enhance its many assets, and envision and execute future plans for the park, to benefit both residents and visitors for decades to come. We collaborate with and support all the entities in the park; as a thought convener and organizer, to realize and activate for the best interests of the park.  

The​ ​Conservancy​ ​is​ ​a​ ​catalyst​ ​for​ ​excellence in the​ ​park—but we cannot do it alone.​ We need to build our community of supporters to promote the growth of the volunteer programs, to help reforest Balboa Park, to advocate for sustainable revenue streams, and to plan and execute meaningful park projects. 

Are You a Tree Hugger?

With your help, we’re investing in the reforestation of Balboa Park. We’ve lost well over 1,000 trees in the park due to disease and drought. Trees are an important part of helping the city reach its goals in the recently approved Climate Action Plan, and we are doing our part to help preserve, protect and renew this incredible natural resource.


In partnership with Tree San Diego we in the final phase of a comprehensive tree inventory for all of Balboa Park. This survey specifically locates park trees using GIS, identifies their species and condition and allows us to restore the historic landscape patterns. This critical information allows us to generate appropriate tree maintenance plans in partnership with The City of San Diego Park & Recreation department.


The Balboa Park Conservancy received a grant from CalFire to plant 500 trees in partnership with the City of San Diego. We are working with Tree San Diego, Urban Corps and other local organizations to execute this this initiative. School age youth have the opportunity to help plant and tend the new trees in the landscape, learning important work and life skills as they care for the park’s trees.


The Balboa Park Conservancy works closely with The City of San Diego Park and Recreation staff to provide specific maintenance recommendations and prioritize care for trees in need. New trees are also provided with state of the art drip irrigation that delivers precisely the right moisture at the right time to successfully establish the trees in the landscape.