Balboa Park Benefits Study

How San Diego’s Crown Jewel Impacts the Economy, Environment, Equity and More 

Balboa Park is an iconic San Diego destination that provides tremendous value on many levels. Whether it is through its world-class museums, internationally recognized performing arts venues, vast educational resources, or stunning gardens, Balboa Park improves not only the economic welfare of San Diego, but its quality of life. The Balboa Park Conservancy is helping tell the park’s full story so that its true value is understood and appreciated.

Cultural tourism is a key growth sector for our regional economy, and Balboa Park is a key asset in leveraging this opportunity for economic growth. There is a need to more fully understand the impact of the park beyond tourism–its intrinsic environmental, aesthetic, cultural, educational, health and recreational benefits. A study of the “Balboa Park Economic Effect” measures its economic impact in the areas of tourism and tax revenues, employment opportunities, and real estate values. Ultimately, a deeper understanding of the Park’s economic impact helps inform decisions and stimulate investment in preservation and development.

The Balboa Park Benefits Study is a baseline report prepared for the Balboa Park Conservancy by the L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at San Diego State University. Research took place between August 2016 and August 2017, and the results will be shared September 13, 2017 as part of our ongoing collaborative conversation with civic leaders, community members and park stakeholders.

This study is generously funded through a grant from the Albert A. and Anna Belle C. Gabbs Balboa Park Fund at the San Diego Foundation.