UPDATE (10/30/19): The Balboa Park Committee has approved the Conservancy’s proposal, developed through a multi-year collaborative process with RSM Design, to bring best-in-class signage and wayfinding to Balboa Park visitors.



Accessibility to Balboa Park was identified as a core value of park stakeholders in a Community Conversation facilitated by the Balboa Park Conservancy in 2015. Signage and wayfinding in particular, was a pain point for everyone from Museum employees to global visitors. In 2016 the Conservancy contracted RSM Design, an award-winning environmental graphic design firm, to undertake a comprehensive inventory and mapping of the park’s signage. RSM presented their findings and facilitated an informative, interactive workshop at the November 2016 Community Conversation hosted by the Conservancy.

Current Signage Compared to New Signage Design Concept by RSM Design


  • In early 2017, the Conservancy secured a grant from the Legler Benbough Foundation to undertake a signage plan update for Balboa Park in response to consensus feedback at a November 2016 Balboa Park stakeholders meeting that expressed both residents and visitors would benefit from a Balboa Park signage and wayfinding system update.
  • In spring of 2017, the Conservancy formed a Signage & Wayfinding Steering Committee composed of key park stakeholders and subject matter specialists; RSM Design was contracted to lead the planning and design effort under the leadership of Jacqueline Higgins, the Conservancy’s Director of Planning, Design and Programs.
  • The draft plan was presented at the March 2018 meeting of the Balboa Park Committee, the Mayor’s advisory committee for the park.
  • June 2018, the Conservancy conducted multiple public outreach meetings to solicit public feedback on the evolution of various elements of the draft plan.
  • In October 2018, the public was invited to review two sign mock-ups and vote on their preferred palette scheme for the new Balboa Park signage. The bronze palette was selected by a wide margin.
  • In October 2019, the Balboa Park Committee approved the current plan developed and presented by RSM Design. The new plan represents an evolution of the current signage and wayfinding system in the park, which follows the Central Mesa Precise Plan of the Balboa Park Master Plan.