Did you know that nearly 20% of Balboa Park’s 15,302 trees are designated Poor, Critical or Dead due to disease & drought?

The Conservancy is preserving, protecting, and renewing Balboa Park’s urban forest with the help of tree lovers like YOU.


We Collect Data. We completed a comprehensive Tree Inventory for all of Balboa Park, locating each tree, its species and condition using GIS. This helps us better care for the trees and supports strategic decision-making.

We Plant Trees. Through our program Tree Balboa Park we’re planting 500 trees in partnership with the City of San Diego through a generous grant from CAL FIRE.

We Educate. We work with Urban Corps to plant trees in Balboa Park, providing young adults with paid job training, and important work and life skills. With Tree San Diego, we train disadvantaged students to plant and water trees—providing knowledge and hands-on experience they can use in their own backyard.

We Advocate. We partner with the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department and organizations like CAL FIRE, the San Diego Regional Urban Forests Council, Urban Corps, and Tree San Diego to increase the awareness and support for our urban forest.

Are You a Tree lover?

The​ ​Conservancy​ ​serves as​ ​a​ ​catalyst​ ​for​ ​excellence in the​ ​park—but we cannot do it alone.​ We need to build our community of supporters to promote the growth of the volunteer programs, to help reforest Balboa Park, to advocate for sustainable revenue streams, and to plan and execute meaningful park projects.

With your help, we’re investing in the reforestation of Balboa Park. Trees are an important part of helping the city reach its goals in the recently approved Climate Action Plan, and we are doing our part to help preserve, protect and renew this incredible natural resource.


How you can help

Give a Gift 

Help build the legacy of Balboa Park when you donate to the Trees Forever fund. The Balboa Park Conservancy provides expertise, resources and advocacy to implement all of these important urban forestry initiatives. Planting a tree is one of the single most meaningful ways to recognize someone important you.  Any size gift can become a “Tribute Gift” – made in honor or memory of someone special. Please let us know if you would like to recognize someone with the gift of reforestation for Balboa Park. Please email or call us at (619) 331-1115 to create your experience.

Become a Tree Steward

Help strengthen the sustainability of Balboa park when you become a trained volunteer Tree Steward—supporting the planting, maintenance and care of this unique urban forest.

Plant Trees

Make a sustainable impact on your community and our environment. Participate in a tree planting workshop and support San Diego’s crown jewel. For more information on attending a Conservancy sponsored tree planting event, or organizing your own group event, please email or call us at (619) 331-1920.

Advocate for Trees

Follow and support the Balboa Park Conservancy and other local organizations like San Diego Regional Urban Forests Council, Tree San Diego, Urban Corps who all work towards more sustainable, vital communities.