Inspired Locals Put Park Spin on a Classic Song

Balboa Park Conservancy members are a special group, always seeking creative ways to express their love for one of the greatest cultural parks in the world.

Father and daughter team Ray and Renee Yomtob recently took their love for Balboa Park to the next level by co-executive producing a high-quality music video that encourages everyone to “Put a Little Love in Your Park,” based on the Jackie DeShannon hit song with music production by keyboardist David Yuter. The beautiful video was produced and edited by Sam Hoiland.

How did this inspiring love letter to Balboa Park, involving the pro bono contributions of dozens of fellow park lovers, come about? 

Renee: We were brainstorming about how we could lend our efforts to the Starlight Amphitheater and their efforts of bringing back live music to Balboa Park. I had been inspired to create a music video showcasing talented and loving people of all walks of life for about ten years, and it was just a perfect way to combine all three things.

David Yuter

Ray: We had an idea that through the universal connection of music, perhaps we could rally the power of inclusion to create some love and send a powerful message to the world in a time of disharmony. As fate would have it, friends and “friends of friends” joined our mission, brought their talent. We truly felt that we were at home and resonated with our park on a cellular level.

David: It was such a great opportunity to do something I love and give back to the community that has been so kind and loving to me over the past 28 years. Ray and I combined our teams and built a cast of so many talented and exceptional humans. Everyone brought so much love into the production, and it was truly an honor to be able to help create this song and video.

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Balboa Park’s First Valentine

Every park has its own peculiar and distinct characteristics, but this great area of spreading mesa and rugged picturesque canyons is markedly different from all other parks I have seen in Europe and America. There is nothing else like it among parks of the world.

-New York landscape architect Samuel Parsons on Balboa Park,1902

You may lack Parsons’s poetic prose, but we know that you too have been romanced by this magnificent park. From sunset walks to gallery talks, there are memories made here every day. Why not send a love note to your favorite park this Valentine’s Day?  Upload your message, image, or video and we’ll select stories to share on social media—reminding all of San Diego why Balboa Park is so important to our community. If you prefer to be a “Secret Admirer,” that’s okay too!


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Love Balboa Park: Membership for All

Dear Park Lover,

People are often surprised to learn that our city alone cannot provide all that Balboa Park needs. It’s true of nearly all urban parks. Balboa Park lacks the funding, care, and maintenance to be a world-class urban park. The Conservancy helps fill this gap, as a partner with the City of San Diego, and in collaboration with park stakeholders.

Ray and Renee Yomtob

At a time when we’re surrounded by messages of division and discord, it’s heartening to remember one thing we can all agree on—our love for Balboa Park. The Conservancy created the Love Balboa Park membership program so that EVERYONE can share their love for the park.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to get involved and show their love for this incredible resource. Our critical park improvement, placemaking, and volunteer efforts are fueled by members who donate and those we call on as advocates.

Anyone can join.

Being an Advocate is free, and our Champions start their giving at just $5 per month. Our Conservator’s Circle donors give a minimum of $1,000 each year, for at least 5 years. That’s sustainable support.

We need all San Diegans to step up for Balboa Park. Collectively and individually we value the experiences generated by these 1,200 acres of wonder. These moments are woven into our memories and help define our San Diego experience. Balboa Park IS the heart of our community. You don’t need to write a poem or create a video to show your love for Balboa Park. But you can join the Conservancy and help us fill the gap between what our park needs and what our city can provide.

Balboa Park Conservancy


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