Creating the Next Generation of Tree Stewards

The Balboa Park Conservancy is launching a unique program in partnership with Tree San Diego and Swing Burbank Elementary School in Logan Heights that will introduce fifth graders to tree stewardship in Balboa Park. The Building Young Tree Stewards in Balboa Park program is among the first dozen regional projects featured on Outdoor Foundation’s first-of-its-kind online fundraising platform Parks4Kids.

The San Diego region’s urban tree cheap mlb jerseys canopy is estimated to be wholesale nfl jerseys at one-fifth of what it should be to properly protect human and environmental health. To build and maintain a viable tree canopy, the community needs to educate the next generation of young people to Camera become tree stewards. The Building Young Tree Stewards in Balboa Park program will bring fifth-grade students from Burbank Elementary School, located in the park-poor Logan Heights neighborhood, to Balboa Park where they will abrufbar be instructed by Tree San Diego educators in the planting and care of trees.

Burbank Elementary School faces cheap jerseys serious challenges that mirror the economic and social challenges of its low-income neighborhood. With limited resources and access to parkland, opportunities for their students to explore the outdoors are few and far between. If fully funded, the Building Young Tree Stewards program will give these students rare fieldtrip excursions to one of the nation’s largest urban parks. While helping to enhance Balboa Park’s iconic landscape, the students will train to become capable tree stewards, inspired to care for trees in their own communities for the rest of their lives.

The target funding amount of $8,800 will provide bus transportation, supplies, custom education materials, staffing, and meals for 75 students. Please help us ensure the future of San Diego’s tree canopy and donate today.