Though things are starting to get back to normal, it may feel too soon to travel to bustling vacation hotspots, like amusement parks, resort beaches, or popular night spots. Balboa Park has been here for you this past year, and it is still your ideal staycation destination during spring break season. With more indoor and outdoor activities reopening this month, and with closer to normal operating hours, there is much more to see and do. Here are five great ways to rediscover all that Balboa Park has to offer.

1. Outdoor Dining Is Back

A few months ago, you may have dined outdoors because it was your only option. Now in Balboa Park, it’s the best option. Whether you’re sipping craft beers in Panama 66 surrounded by fine art sculpture or enjoying elegant patio dining on a historic terrace at The Prado Restaurant, it will certainly feel like a vacation.

2. Experience Nature Indoors

Though the past year has provided lots of opportunities to reconnect with the great outdoors, you’d be amazed at how much nature there is to experience indoors. Now open, The San Diego Natural History Museum (aka theNat) offers multiple floors of gallery space filled with exhibits that explore the nature behind the nature.

3. Big Is Good

Like theNat, two of the first museums in the park ready to reopen, The San Diego Museum of Art and the Air & Space Museum, are among the largest in Balboa Park. While offering plenty of room to safely distance, they also accommodate more visitors in their spacious galleries filled with treasures old and new.

4. But Don’t Sweat the Small Venues

Balboa Park’s smaller museums are also implementing all the recommended safety precautions to welcome back visitors. The Museum of Photographic Arts and San Diego History Center are both reopening mid-month (April 16) and treating visitors to exciting new exhibitions.

5. Your Passport Is Actually a Passport

The critical mass of museums reopening means the Parkwide Pass (formerly the Balboa Park Passport) is the best way to visit multiple museums in a week’s time. Both it and the Annual Pass can be purchased in the Balboa Park Visitors Center in the House of Hospitality building any day of the week, 10am–4:30pm. (Either pass makes for a great gift idea for grads itching to get out.)