Consider for just one moment what your life would be like without trees. Can you even imagine this?

During California Arbor Week, Californians are educated on the value trees provide and the important role they play in building healthy, vibrant communities. One week each year, in the heart of tree-planting season, Californians of all ages have the chance to celebrate our natural wonders and most treasured resources together. As Balboa Park’s recently completed comprehensive tree inventory shows, trees are a major economic asset in our cities and towns: they play a role in energy conservation, improving air quality, protecting water resources, providing habitat, and contributing to the overall health of San Diegans.

Head to Balboa Park, San Diego’s own beloved urban forest, during California Arbor Week to celebrate! Here are some ideas:

1. Embrace the Moment

Take a photo of your favorite tree in Balboa Park (hugging optional)! Share it on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #BalboaParkCAW and #lovebalboapark.

2. Over the Rainbow

Find your way to the Fig Tree Garden of Morley Field, near the corner of Upas St. and Morley Field Dr. While there, see if you can spot the rainbow eucalyptus known for its fragrant leaves and colorful bark.

3. Picnic in Paradise

Plan a picnic on the historic lawns on the west side of Balboa Park, relaxing under the shade of a sugar gum after you explore the Trees for Health Garden, near Quince St. and Balboa Dr.

4. Dracarys!

Hike up Florida Canyon and into the Desert Garden off Park Blvd., stopping to admire Kate Sessions’s favorite the iconic dragon trees, located near its north entrance.

5. Strike a Pose

Take a stroll down Palm Canyon and stop for a selfie with the giant, impressive Moreton Bay fig near the walkway.

6. Free Your Mind

Indulge in the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku forest bathing. It doesn’t require special equipment, and you won’t break a sweat. You’ll up your happy factor when you unplug, engage your senses, and connect with nature.

7. Preserve the Moment

One of the best ways to celebrate California Arbor Week is to donate to the Conservancy’s Trees Forever Fund! Help ensure the trees we love are here and healthy for generations to come.