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The Conservator’s Circle

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Building a sustainable and robust revenue stream is critical to an organization’s growth and impact. To that end, Forever Balboa Park launched the Conservator’s Circle in September 2016. Conservator’s Circle members give a minimum of $1,000 each year, for a commitment of five years. This group of donors is dedicated to the strength and vitality of Forever Balboa Park. All contributions go toward the unrestricted operating funds of Forever Balboa Park.

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For questions regarding the Conservator’s Circle, please contact Chris Weimer, Philanthropy Officer, at (619) 331-2118 or


$1,000 – $9,999 Annually
The first giving level, “Cultivators​” is a pledge of at least $1,000 each year for five years, which is only $83 per month. Your gift allows us to grow our robust volunteer corps, including Garden Stewards, Park Ambassadors, Tree Stewards, Info Desk Volunteers, and more.


$10,000 Annually
Next, our “Builders​” level is a pledge of $10,000 a year for five years. Your support​ allow us to revitalize, restore and enhance Balboa Park’s historic gardens, landscapes and public spaces towards best in class conditions.


$25,000+ Annually
The last level, “Visionaries” is a pledge of $25,000 a year for five years. This kind of support enables us to provide a world-class visitor experience through creative placemaking, maps, guides, tours, information, and critical amentiries in the House of Hospitality.

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Our Conservator’s Circle Donors

$10,000 Annual

Carol & Jeff Chang
Charles & Lisa Hellerich
Pamela Hamilton Lester
Connie Matsui & Bill Beckman
Marilyn Woods

$5,000 – $9,999 Annual

Knight Angels
Winifred Chase
Joyce Gattas, PhD
Jo Ann Kilty
Lynne & Glenn Rossman

$1,000 – $4,999 Annual

Accomplishment Coaching
Tony & Sue Alessandra
Claire Anderson
Jonathan Bailey & Triton Klugh
Sarah Beckman & Jarrod Schemenauer
Stephanie Bergsma & Dwight Hare
Susan & Richard Bezman
Alison & Ryan Blair
Betsy & Edward Blodgett
James G. Schwendig & Mike Bogue
Richard & Beth Brenner
Terrance Bruggeman & Dianne Dyer Bruggeman
Gerard Buckley
Nancy Carol Carter
Robert Cerasoli Family Trust

Claudia Chan-Shaffer & Jerry Shaffer
Kay Chandler
Lilly Cheng
Kathee M. Christensen
Nicole & Ben Clay
Pamela D. Crooks
Una Davis
Mary & James Dawe
Peter Dennehy & Timothy Jackson
Paul Dobbs
Claudia & Michael Ehrenfeld
Jennifer Einbinder
Ellis Family Foundation
Dan & Phyllis Epstein
Mary Erlenborn & Tom Templeton
Jim Farley
Nancy Farnan & Leif Fearn
Richard Ferrara
Joseph Fisch & Joyce Axelrod
Jean & Mark Fisher
Katherine Fitzhugh & John Martin
Douglas Flaker & Richard Valdivia
Apua & Dr. Mark Garbutt
Gay & Lesbian Fund for San Diego
Joyce Glazer
Conny Jamison
Jay Jeffcoat
Katherine & Mark Johnston
Cheryl D. Kendrick
Gerald E. Kleinsmith & Gerald Michaud
James Lauer
Janet Lawless Christ & Charlie Christ
Paula LeGros
Michael & Teresa Lewis
Rita Lim-Wilby
Jaimi Lomas & Tom Haney
Linda Lungren
Betsy McCullough

Judy McDonald
Paul & Maggie Meyer
Rebecca & Mitch Mitchell
Amy Ginnow & Andree Morin
Mary-Rose & Bill Mueller
Fern Nelson
Marjorie & Charles O’Malley
Stephanie & Ron Oliver
Cheryl Alethia Phelps
Danny Piper
Ann & Tim Rice
Clarisa & Gonzalo Rojas
Patricia Roscoe
Allison Rossett
Rana Sampson & Jerry Sanders
Shawn Schraeger & Cheri Fitzner
Robert K. & Judy Sharp
Elaine & Peter Shaw
Marivi & Ruey Shivers
Jean & Pemberton Smith
Nancy & Alan Spector
Jeanette Stevens
Joe & Kym Szalkiewicz
Johanna & John Toman
Clifford Schireson & John Venekamp
Dawn Viveash
Drs. Randy & Cheryl Ward
K. Nikki Waters
Bob Watkins
Sharon & David Wax
Janice Weinrick
Peter Wheeler
Bertha & Earl Wiens
Kenneth & Doreen Williams
Wilson Turner Kosmo, LLP.
Karin E. Winner
Michael & Criselda Yee
Leslie Zann
Sharon B. Zell