Creating a sustainable park for all San Diegans is a top priority for the Conservancy. And now all San Diegans—businesses, home owners, and renters—have a new choice when it comes to sustainable, renewable energy.

If you’re someone who has wanted to make the shift to renewable energy but don’t own a home, or can’t make installing solar panels pencil out, consider the benefits of enrolling in San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E) innovative new program called EcoChoice℠.

EcoChoice℠ gives customers the option to purchase renewable energy directly from SDG&E with no upfront costs. The program works like this: SDG&E buys renewable energy on behalf of participating EcoChoice℠ customers. The renewable energy comes from large, utility-scale generating facilities built specifically for the EcoChoice℠ program. The more renewable energy SDG&E customers buy through the EcoChoice℠ program, the more renewable generation SDG&E can build.

You can choose to enroll to have up to 100% of your electricity use in the program and pay a small premium each month based on the size of your renewable energy subscription.

For more information about the program and to see if EcoChoice℠ makes sense for your home and/or business, visit