Balboa Park and the Visitors Center are CLOSED to the public during the COVID-19 health crisis. 

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Balboa Park Visitors Center & Gift Shop

The best way to begin your park adventure is at the Balboa Park Visitors Center, a program of the Balboa Park Conservancy.


Closed Until Further Notice
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM DAILY

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day

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Phone: (619) 239-0512

Address: 1549 El Prado, Balboa Park, San Diego, California, 92101


Is anything in the park open?

No. As per city directive, all museums, public buildings, recreational facilities, trails, and open spaces in Balboa Park are closed until further notice.

I lost/found an item recently in the park. Whom should I call?

If you lost a valuable item within the park after March 16, call the San Diego Parks and Recreation Department at (619) 235-1100.

When do you expect the park, museums, and other attractions to reopen?

We cannot predict when the COVID-19 situation will be resolved enough for authorities to allow groups of people to gather and thus when the park can reopen. Please check the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership’s website for the most up-to-date information regarding the park’s museums and other organizations. Also visit https://www.sandiego.gov/coronavirus for updates from the city.

Is anyone taking care of the gardens and trees in the park during this time of park closures?

Yes, crews and gardeners from Parks and Recreation continue to maintain the lawns, gardens, and trees in the park. In addition, some construction projects begun prior to the COVID-19 situation continue, such as the renovation of the Mingei International Museum and construction of the newest International Cottages.

I belong to a club/organization that meets in one of the park buildings on a regular basis. How will I know if we are still meeting?

With all public buildings in the park closed per directives from city officials, no meetings can be held in the buildings during this closure period. Please check with your particular club or organization directly for more information.

Is the green tram still running in the park?

No. With the park completely closed for public use, there is no free parking lot shuttle service at this time. We expect the free trams to restart once the park fully reopens.

I purchased season tickets for the Old Globe Theatre. What will happen to the rest of their season?

Please go to the Old Globe Theatre’s website for more information.

 Will the Spreckels Organ still offer free concerts on Sundays?

No, per the city directive, the Spreckels Organ will not hold public concerts in the park. They are planning to record and offer concerts online. For more information, visit https://spreckelsorgan.org/.

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